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    3 Ways to Take a Break

    Often times people are forced to take an unexpected or unwanted break when they are in a big transition, or coming up on a big transition. Even when one desires to take a break, the concept of self care in American culture is not necessarily instilled. In our fast-paced, goal-driven,

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  • Women-Surfers

    3 Ways to Take Action

    “We do without doing and everything gets done.” ~ Ralph H. Blum Taking action can become challenging when it is made complicated by the mind. When thoughts circle endlessly around “right” and “wrong,” “should” and “shouldn’t” and black and white concepts, direction and clarity can become mired in confusion and

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  • Good-Morning-Habits_Stretching-Kitty_500x367

    3 Ways to Manifest Joy In Life

    Allowing oneself 15 minutes to contemplate and go through three simple steps each morning before getting out of bed can do wonders for the busy life one leads. I have been running through this intentional ritual for over five years now and I see and feel the difference it has

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